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    April 11, GuidesNews By using one of these skilltrees you will get some passive unlocks. You can chose them in the progression bar at the bottom of skilltree. Make sure to choose them. In ISA it can be used on the transformers, the gateway and the tactical cube. A team should coordinate the usage of it. Feel free to decide which training manuals you want to be able to craft. Take a look at this little breakdown about the different skillpoints and how to customize it.

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    Welcome to the DPS League!

    In general you could move around some points like the ones from bonus power as example and put them into more defensive stuff. If you want to talk a bit more about a skilltree you wanna use yourself just ask one of us ingame. My apologies. What about spending points in part gens? Would that be worth it?

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    I sometimes run torps with my Rom tac. Yes you could spend points into torps too. I used all my ground points in weapons and kits since Commando specialization gives me shield and armor protection. DPS wise you would sacrifice a lot of good skills to gain close to nothing from the eng part of the skilltree. How effective would these builds be for PVP? If you were to respec for PVP,what would you change?

    Ive did an eng build with one toon for fun. I finf I can fill my eng consoles up with universal consoles. Ive got 24K in ISA but could probbaly hit 30k.

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    Felisean is this also advisable whilst levelling a toon? Not sure if this is the right place to ask. My apologies if so. I am returning to the game after nearly 3 years off.April 14, Ship Builds 3. Follow the steps from Picard and write your own Story! March 29, Ship Builds 4. The builds are focused on using Cannons but Beams could work decently too.

    March 28, Ship Builds 5. March 26, Ship Builds Due to the high demand for science ship builds, here is a brief overview of what is currently in vogue. One fair warning: only read on and recreate one of the builds if you want to invest hundreds of millions of energy credits, piles of Lobi and thousands of Zen. Science ships are able to dish out incredible amounts of damage to groups, especially in elite queues. Unlike cruisers or escorts their main sources of damage are:.

    March 8, Ship Builds We show you some Cannon and Beam builds for this ship. March 7, Ship Builds Screenshot by minerk, thanks for it! Like the Ferang Build, it we will use Screenshots to show the builds. They are focused on using Cannons but Beams could work decently too. March 6, Ship Builds Screenshot by flocki3. March 2, Ship Builds 7. Screenshot by tiberiusjp, thanks for it! January 3, Ship Builds Screenshot by radioactivitii.

    The Builds are focused on Cannons but could be easily adapted to utilize Beams as well. For Beam Overload:. January 3, Ship Builds 4. Feel free to comment below or ask us directly via discordteamspeak or ingame. Recent Posts. Recent Comments. Read More. Alliance Battlecruiser March 8, Ship Builds Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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    sto builds

    Install Steam. Star Trek Online. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Star Trek Online.

    sto builds

    Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Star Trek Online. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This guide will serve as an introduction to the use of torpedoes, what abilities and traits enhance and synergize with them, and advanced tactics utilized in high DPS runs.

    This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Odenknight Offline. Guide Index. Builds, Concepts, and Mechanics. I have always enjoyed heavy weapons in video games, whether it be a 2-handed weapon, to a large missile launcher, to torpedoes in Star Trek Online.

    There was always a feeling of satisfaction when the heavy weapon s were used in a precise manner during a team engagement.

    Sometimes, though, there's that part of you that enjoys firing off a barrage of heavy firepower upon your adversaries, and relish in the wholesale digital destruction that you've caused. I saw players using only energy weapons, and qualifying for the DPS channels. I asked people questions so I could understand what has changed so much from the core mechanics.

    While I tried the all-beams approach and did decently well with them, it wasn't fun, and it felt wrong on my little Defiant. When Delta Rising launched, I looked at what the reputation had to offer, and decided to play around with one of my fun builds, a torpedo-heavy Defiant bomber.

    As I started to acquire the pieces for the build, I noted several mechanics flaws and bugs, and tried to find ways around them. When I was satisfied with the results, I took the build into a DPS run, and made a few more adjustments before asking the DPS Chanels' leaders what would make this build perform better. The answers ranged from the virtual shoulder shrug to scornful. Noting that barely anyone knew anything about torpedo mechanics other than, "beams are better", I decided to document my builds, and ask game mechanics questions from those wo reversed-engineered the game.

    If you get frustrated easily, and are prone to quitting, this is not for you. If you cannot handle being laughed at or ridiculed by your weapon selection, this is not for you. If you do not want to strive to be a better pilot, this is not for you. If you cannot accept the fact that the current mechanics are intentionally stacked against you, this is not for you. If you cannot accept the fact that most of the bugs with kinetics may never be fixed unless enough people put the proper pressure on the Devs to get them fixed, this is most certainly not for you.

    You take defeat in stride, analyze what happened, and come back stronger than before, regardless of the odds. For what it's worth, you have my respect. What classifies a ship as a torpedo starship? Why would I build one?Since many of the game's rules and details aren't immediately obvious, I decided to write a beginner's quick-start guide with information that I've learned while getting started. When starting in the game, the first thing you will need to do is create your character.

    This is the captain of your ship, the character you will control directly in ground combat. You can choose one of many races, or invent your own with the "alien" choice.

    At first you will be limited to the Federation races, but after getting half-way through Lieutenant around level 21 I think? Depending on what you choose, you'll have a limited range of appearance choices, and the race will start with one or two predetermined traits.

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    You can pick a few others, for a total of four such traits. Which traits are available depends on the race you've chosen as well. If you go with the "alien" race, you'll have the largest range of selections available. All of these traits are only mildly useful, so don't worry too much about what you choose.

    Just select something that sounds fun and interesting. You can't change them down the line, but they aren't highly game impacting. I highly recommend getting Warp Theorist however, since it gives you a boost to your power levels on the ship that you would not otherwise have access to.

    Another excellent one, if you can get it, is Efficientsince it boosts several power systems as well. There's an excellent guide to character traits you can read too You don't need to spend hours perfecting your appearance, since this can be customized at any time later. The first makeover is free, and subsequent ones start costing energy credits, but it is not expensive. A Tailor is in the cargo area of the Earth spacedock, and there you can customize your captain and boff appearances, and nearby you can also buy personal equipment for your team.

    However, the first choice you're presented with is which career path you want: Tactical, Science, or Engineering. You can not change this choice later, so choose wisely!

    sto builds

    The most sensible way to make your selection is based on what ground combat abilities you want. All ground combat is more heavily gear-based, but the career you choose will determine which ground combat skills you can cultivate in your captain, and train to your boffs bridge officers later, as well as which "kits" you can use, which grant some combat skills that you might not otherwise have.

    For space skills, you will receive a few career-specific level-milstone skills along the way. But your space skill trees are the same no matter which career you choose. Your bridge officers will determine most of your space combat abilities, and your captain skills will enhance them and the ship's overall effectiveness with the gear you acquire.

    So your space capabilities will be determined mostly by the ship and bridge officers you choose, and only mildly by your captain's career. NOTE: The above about career choices is assuming you're going to primarily play PvE player vs environment and do so casually. If you are concerned about optimizing your capabilities at the "end game" and particularly if you intend to spend a lot of time in PvP player vs playerthen you may wish to match your captain's career and ship classes and optimize toward that class's strengths.NOTE: This is just a starting point.

    Much more advanced configuration exists in the "end game". There are many approaches to playing any given ship class in STO, and this is just one approach. But my philosophy on ship configuration has worked out well for me in the game, so I thought I'd explain it here.

    If you're new to the game in general, you might also want to look at my beginnner's guide for general information about ship and captain classes, general game play, and character progression. It's true that the Science ships start out at a disadvantage in terms of weapon slots. By the time you reach Captain, your science ships will have 6 slots, and you will not get more at higher ranks. Escorts and Cruisers top out at 7 and 8, respectively. Also, they tend to have the least tactical console slots, so you can't stack as many DPS-enhancing consoles.

    So it's true that science ships can't optimize for DPS as well as the other classes, but slots aren't everything, and optimizing your DPS will definitely help you in all combat situations. Plus, science ships make up for the lower number of slots by adding innate subsystem targeting a weak version of those skills, but you get all fourplus shield bonuses. We get the best shield strength and regeneration rates of all three classes. So why is this guide about DPS?

    DPS wins the game. Cryptic has gone to great lengths to try to make the other aspects of your ship important, but the balance has always remained such that higher DPS beats anything else you can do, hands down. So even though you're flying a science ship, unless you're taking a support role in a fleet action or PVP team, DPS is what will make most battles fun and exciting, rather than an exercise in frustration. Also, if DPS matters most, why play Science?

    That's actually the wrong question. You should play Science if you like the Science ships and abilities. You should always pick a class based on what your style is and what you'll enjoy the most, and then worry about optimizing it afterward. While this discussion centers around science ships, it applies to Escorts and Cruisers as well.

    However my point is to help the confused or newbie Science Captain and hopefully show that Science ships are not necessarily gimped. Playing science is like playing the game on a slightly harder skill level.

    They're perhaps the hardest to play "well", but also give you a wide variety of toys to play with. For the sake of this discussion, I'm going to talk about Admiral level ships, but it all still applies to earlier levels of the game, just with a subset of the options available at any given time, and fewer weapons.

    The weapon configuration applies to Captain directly too, since Science is the one branch that hits its maximum number of weapon slots at that rank. This applies to anyone wanting to do DPS. Use Weapon power, 50 Shields, 25 Engines, and 25 Aux Almost all the time. This may seem at odds with what you've been lead to expect for a Science ship. But here's why it matters: Weapon power matters most for DPS and allows you to fire more weapons continuously.

    You need power to dish out the damage.

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    It's that simple.Star Trek Online has a very powerful character creation editor in which many of the non-player races can be recreated. The following guide will teach you how to recreate canon alien species using the editor. To create a human is not a difficult assignment. All other details are open for customization. Like above, simply create an alien and give it all-human characteristics with the obvious exception of pointed ears and if possible somewhat angled eyebrows.

    All pieces you need to create an Aenar are available through the character editor. The Benzite race is available as a player race but not as a bridge officer. This guide is aimed at assisting to get a Benzite bridge officer or an alien playable version, although the respiration device is not available. All pieces you need to create an Denobulan are available through the character editor.

    The only thing missing is a chin piece, but all NPCs in the game suffer from the same limitation. Start by using the Variant 1 template for the head.

    Click Advanced and change the settings according to the following table:. Although there is already a playable version of Klingons, this will allow you to make one taller than 6'6".

    All pieces you need to create a Klingon are available through the character editor. Start by using the Variant 3 template for the head. All pieces you need to create a TOS Klingon are available through the character editor. All pieces you need to create an Orion are available through the character editor. Use Variant 1, 7 or 9 as a starting point. Makeup 01 is the closest pattern, however Makeup 02 can be used if you prefer lighter coloured eye sockets.

    If desired, physical characteristics may be altered to your own specification as required, though Orions are generally quite tall 1. All pieces you need to create a Romulan are available through the character editor. For a female character the best looking pattern is Makeup 02, but the other makeup options are fitting as well.

    For the male character the best looking pattern is Heroic, but you can go with standard 01, standard 02 or aged Creating a decent Hirogen is a bit tricky. Ideally, you would like to use a dual lobe head with a smooth nose, which is the only combination not supported by the character editor.

    Also, a Hirogen base complexion and overall pattern are not available. So this guide gives only a rough approximation, as most Hirogen parts used by the game seem to be unaccessible through the editor interface.

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    Click Advanced and change the settings according to the following tables:. Remember that Hirogen are supposed to be huge, so change the body options accordingly. The Remans are a humanoid race originating from the planet Remus in the Romulus Systembut eventually left that planet to settle on Crateris. While some remain subjects of the Romulan Star Empirelarge numbers of Remans have banded together to form a separate faction - the Reman Resistancewhich is based in the Vault and has since allied itself with the Romulan Republic on New Romulus.

    The Suliban are a neutral humanoid species from the Suliban System.

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    They are known to employ space helixes and cell ships. All pieces you need to create an Cardassian are available through the character editor, however, they are strangely named. But some NPCs in the game seem to suffer from the same limitation.Copy From Another Copy.

    sto builds

    Equip Item Equip to Empty. Edit Remove. Right-click on a skill to view the description. You can scroll horizontally to see additional skills. Primary: Secondary:. Specialization skills are already unlocked due to the fact that they can all be unlocked in game. Set Primary Set Secondary.

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    Set Secondary. Welcome, guest. Load from file. Subject optional Version 5 conversion bug Something is missing Something is incorrect I found a bug I have a suggestion Other. Attachments must be an image or a Skill Planner save file. Attachment 1 optional Attachment 2 optional Attachment 3 optional.

    All rights reserved. Current Item: Clear Slot. Item Editor. Copy the link below to link directly to this tab.

    STO Guides

    Ground Skill Unlocks. Engineering Skill Unlocks. EPS Corruption Corrupt the electro-plasma systems of your foe, causing them to burn out components over time.

    Activating directed energy weapons will also cause the victim to suffer additional plasma damage, as the corrupted EPS is fed additional power. Science Skill Unlocks. Probability Manipulation For a small window of time, you can force the universe to see things your way, vastly increasing the chance that every bit of damage done to your foes will be a Critical Hit.


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